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The Classic Cajun Pirogue
Dear Uncle John

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A racing peddle boat!

Over the years we've seen many creative modifications to our pirogue, this is one of the best.

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Ordered one of your Cajun Pirogue kits back in August; took it out on its maiden Voyage this last weekend at my Scout Troops campout. I'm very happy with it; was a fun project. Only drawback is that I'm now hooked on boatbuilding!

Art Bitterman          Warner Robins, Georgia

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Art's day-by-day "Pirogue Building" photo journal.

Here are some pictures of my Uncle John's Pirogue that I built in the last month.  You kit is great and we will be starting on a 12' one seater shortly.

 Brad Ferguson

Natchitoches, Louisiana

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Well, here she is. It took me a few months but I have finally finished her.  I took a few liberties with the design as well as the many inspirations I picked up on from your wonderful website. The sides are 11 inches high.  She is 34 inches wide in the middle. Bottom is 3/8" luan plywood. I saw someone else use those "spacers" between the rubrails (which are clear fir) and I liked it. Its more quiet than an aluminum flatboat for sure.

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Photo by Natalie Sasser

We launched "Uncle Willie" on the Klondike Highway between Skagway, Alaska and Carcross, Yukon Territory. We were about 3,000 feet above sea level.  Mystery the wonder dog jumped in and said:  "Let's go, boss.

"Your kits are one of the great remaining values. Thanx, I'll have another. 

Ed Sasser

Wayne Manuel  of West Monroe LA sent us a series of photos with comments. Click here to see the photos and read his comments.

'a truly beautiful pirogue'

Chuck Littleton sent us a long letter with lots of good information,
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To visit his personal website where he has a canoe and pirogue forum click here.

A builder in Canada sent us a link to his site.

An excellent 'adventure',

click here for a trip to Toronto.

De' Pireaux - The Art of Building a 16ft Pirogue

From wood pieces to a functional, useable boat, this is the story from beginning to end of building a modern pirogue using resin, fiberglass, and some common woods. Read and you will see most every problem you could run into during the building process. If you are thinking about building your own boat, I highly recommend it, but remember, it won't all be fiber and glass.  Click here to visit the builder's website.

Well I finished it. After thinking about it for nearly 2 years I got my finger out and did the biz. And what an excellent time I had. I've not had chance to conduct sea trials yet but I'm hoping to get out this weekend. Like everything in the UK if you want to use a boat on non-tidal waters you have to have a license. Fortunately that was easily done by joining the British Canoe Union but they tell us we live in a free country and it is until we want to go into it. :-) No point in worrying as there are plenty of small rivers round here that need to be explored and I  have the right tool for the job now.

Thanks again, John. I've detailed my adventures in boat building on my webpage
http://www.levelt.net/boatindexpage.html and I've thrown a link to your page on there as I'd like to see more of these little boats on English waters. I'm planning my next already. That was a great project, cheers for making it possible.

A Tale of Two Boats. The plans look good, I almost understood them and they are liberal enough to allow one to personalize the design. But I had zero boat building skills or experience. So I did the only logical thing to overcome the learning curve, I built a canoe and johnboat at the same time. Since I decided to build two boats, that certainly qualified me as an expert, I had read both sets of plans, so, being an "expert" I took great liberties with the design of each. click here for more comments and photos

I ordered your kit and constructed a pirogue this past fall.  It turned out beautifully.  I added a fancy rub rail, a light weight canoe-style seat and a few other customizations.  Here is a photo of "Dragonfly".  I am currently building the "Dragon Lady" - your 12 foot skiff kit. This was my first try at boat construction.  Thanks for a great experience.

Bob Melton
High Rock Lake
Salisbury North Carolina

Last autumn you send me the plans for the pirogue. During the winter I built it, and last weekend I made the maiden trip with my wife and my children. Please find attached a photo. I build the pirogue rather big (LOA 570 cm, W 85 cm). I needed a boat for relaxing picknick-paddeling on the Alster river in the middle of the city of Hamburg, crossing public parks and residential neighborhoods. The pirogue is ideal for this purpose. Actually I tried to install a grill on board to have a barbecue on the water. Some people wondered where I bought the boat, so probably you will get some new customers soon. I confess that the construction took much longer than I thought, but the final result is much better than I expected. I added some extras p.e. inner-rubrails for a better shape, a keel rail for straighter course, the seats are made out of belts in a wooden frame. Thank you a lot lot,    

best regards 


I finally got around to building one of your Cajun Pirogue Boats,
(although I modified it a bit)
Makes a great little fly-fishing craft.

     Mike Habig

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