Day 2

 8 August, 2004

Got up, went to Lowes and bought the materials. Two sheets of 1/4" plywood and 16 feet of 1" X 2". Also got a lot of other stuff (screws, glue, sawhorse brackets, 2"x4's, etc). Had the nice Gent at Lowes cut the Plywood as per the plans.

Built my "Workshop" in my backyard; a 10' X 10' tarp canopy made longer with two extra tarps ("Buckey" will be almost 16' long so needed the extra room). I live in a triplex, no garage, so this was my only choice! Luckily, living in Georgia, I won't have to worry about heating the Shop!

Started  building the sawhorse's and saw that I was one 2X4 short; back to Lowe's. 

Sawhorse finished, sheet of plywood that I had laying around on top for a work bench. Laid out the 6 pieces of plywood (4 for sides and 2 for bottom) to join them together (use 4 X 8 sheets of plywood; joined pieces together for the required 16 feet length) Got them all butted up nice then noticed I didn't put wax paper down (to stop epoxy from sticking to "work bench") Removed, wax paper down and reclamped.

Mixed up 3 ounces of epoxy and applied to bare wood. Laid down previously cut fiberglass and squeeged it out. Had some left (even after giving the glass 3 coats) so applied to one of the sides.

Left to cure! All I can do today except for daydreaming about paddling her!

Note: Why "Buckey" for the Name of the boat? I'm a Boy Scout Leader and recently went through the Wood Badge Course as a Member of the Beaver Patrol. So, really, the Full Name is "Buckey Beaver" but shortened to "Buckey". Might build a few more of these with the Scouts; after all if I can do one, should be no problem for a 12 year old Boy!

My Boatyard

Sheets of plywood being butt jointed together with fiberglass

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