"Buckey" the Pirogue

Here is a story of One Man and His Boat.

Back in 1985 I bought a book on building a Cedar Strip Canoe (Building a Strip Canoe by Gil Gilpatrick). Read it and re-read it many times. 

Thought to myself, "Self, That would be a Neat Thing to build" But alas, never got a "Round Tuit". 

Sometime later bought "Build the New Instant Boats" by Harold "Dynamite" Payson. Once again, read and re-read. Same thoughts and never did get the "Round Tuit" (those things must be scarce!)

Couple months ago, found a website, www.unclejohns.com. He, amongst other neat stuff, sells a kit for a Louisiana Cajun style Pirogue. Once again read and re-read the website, looked at a lot of other websites, and said to myself, "Self, you ain't getting any younger! Get off yer butt and do it!" So a kit was ordered!

Uncle John (and others) Recommended Raka (www.raka.com) as a good source for the epoxy and fiberglass, a phone call to Larry and two days later had the goodies in hand.

Started the build yesterday (7 August, 2004) Post man delivered the kit (plans, ribs and stems), and since it was slow at my shop (I'm a gunsmith, www.aardvarkarms.com), decided to glue the ribs together. I'm a "Belt and Suspenders" type so fitted gussets to the ribs to strengthen them.

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Ribs, box the kit came in and box fill of epoxy resin


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