The boat went together really easy, the scarf joint turned out to be strong but I did not get it flat enough and had to sand it after I got the sides on to smooth out the sides.  The boat is made out of 3/16" Luann (they call it 1/4") There are only 4 mechanical fasteners in the entire boat at the ends of the rub rails, everything else is held together by glue and epoxy.  These are pictures of it's maiden voyage in the Cane River Lake in Natchitoches, Louisiana.  My boat is 15' 6' long.  We tested it later in the day with 450lbs in it and it did fine, a little close to the water, but still stable and easy to paddle.  I still have to paint/varnish it to protect it from UV rays and will be adding a keel strip to make straight paddling easier. 

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